Welcome to the beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii! Located along the southern coast of the island of Oahu, Honolulu is characterized by sunny days, temperatures that rarely dip below 65-75 °F and a deceivingly massive skyline that plays to both Honolulu's prominence as a city and its location in one of the most desired tropical destinations in the world. Millions of visitors come each year to enjoy everything that Honolulu has to offer, from the beautiful beaches and world class restaurants to the exotic nightlife and luxury accomodations. Delicately framed by luminous mountains in its backdrop, Honolulu has the perfect balance of urban life and natural beauty to please an eclectic array of traveling palates. With everyhing there is to choose from, let Honolulu.com guide you step-by-step in the planning of your perfect vacation to Honolulu, Hawaii.